humanity's last best chance cop26 - collaborations welcome -civilisation is race between education & catastrophe -hg wells
Happy Easter 2021 --special thanks Japan for 60th year of inspiring JFK dialogue what can English speaking world and youth learn from human development of two thirds of our species living in Asia?...change education's 20 happiest ideas 2021-1984(

2021.0 cooperation promises un and others to review at december year end summit - learning passports (fore unicef), every school satellite mapped (for unicef), korea shares its transformation model with world (gordon brown)
2021.1 college coalition that values sdg generation
2021.2 in blended ai education student owns skills certificate
2021.3 story of how new zealand's learning web flipped china education
2021.4 13th year updates of half of all youth unemployable unless -
+1 240 316 8157 -here are some twitter edu lists where we search for edu tranformation
2021.4.1 - coding is like music, sports, maths genii- more personalised experiential learning more genius - data Csikszentmihalyi
2021.4.2 see what singapore means by ai curriculum for every grade- there isnt a livelihood that wont change in 2020s as ai takes over real time operational platforms of sustainability goals - see aiforgood
2021.5 end forced sequence of edu- from 10+ true education designed round : last 2 years child expected at school to bridge apprenticeship in real world; and lifelong returnability
2021.6 every parent/community can gain from benchmark abed pre-school and abed primary - the 2 largest non gov edu franchises in the world
2021.7 ways communities can take back engaged schools: servive learning -american intlschools- barcelona &; dual language scools - jaumont alumni; reverse mentoring by children- eg global dream kids can help illiterated adults rad during one summer vacation; taiwans reverse mentoring - tech wizard youth paired with mentoring goverment ministers- part of how taiwan stayed covid free nation
2021.8 year 13 of nearly free nursing college blends with where did nations learn from covid about last mile health servants shortages
2021.9 TOP 10 missing curricula of millennials as first sd generation- there's agreement on most missing curricula-but not what education system design needed- eg world needs hundreds of millions more last mile health servants but that begins with peer to per adolescent health-an exactly opposite system to hi cost endless exam systems of medics training usa
2020.10 americas forbidden conversations - what does most of nordica mean by we have no bad schools, we dont do standard exams; we dont do lots of homework- we do community engagement as major process of teens education ... that conversation needs to becomes as popular as sports in usa -
2021.11 propostion led by un envoy of education friends -would you willingly go for brain surgery to a place that hasnt changed its systems for 200 years- but thats what we do in sending kids to the "classrom"
2021.12 - what will worlds fav living educator jack ma do next-
4 years ago jacks promise to return to celebrating edu full time after a 24 year absence as one of world's 2 biggest market sounded fun- aliba would lead olympics sponsors through 20s- as jack sad markets such as sports education arts health green cant be reached by mainly commerce platforms- youth ai platforms can- then covid destroyed japans happiest ever relaunch of youth's purpose, and masa son refinanced selling out jack as hs main profitable asset, and the blockchain work jack had started with beijings end poverty policy makers became too hot for ant to handle; meanwhile gutteres and gates took over ma's digital finance cooperation recommendations - hidden away jack ha several universities that are still on the up -the entrepreneur uni at hangzhou; the train africa coding wizards in partnership with kenyan who ran unctad; the superai research faculty of damo- some old notes at
2021.13 what will bezos do next? we understand his university partnership have increasingly become amazon corporate university so execs update skills every 3 years- but couldnt his foundations leak such curricula to an open university coalition- and is bezos the richest man not to connect edu in dev world?
2017- the year that education changed the economics of everyone why can't UN design modula sdg livelihoods curricula
2018 - YouthWorldAffairs -what if new york suburbs such as amazon hq2.2 rated by sustainability goals generation world class at jobs-connecting education as well as investment banking and media - join our meetings preparing before and after collaborations with WISE@UNGA UN sept 2018
-help map education and sustainability's 7 most wonderful summits for under 30s at xmas 2017 puzzle is it possible to blockchain the world carbon emissions market? summit debrief wise paris march 2019 - fast tracks 09
China's greatest Job Creator; Jack Ma 1 2 -Wise@beijing

Thursday, March 29, 1973


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Funds News Spring 2012 - at meeting with Jean Luc Perot in Paris - year 2 issue of 1 pp 119-120 is delighted to publish 2 page update on Grameen Credit Agricole Funds - the first fund that was mainly corporate and on microcredit now has a sister fund with private investors that will be mainly social business - bothare legislated out of Luxebourg where the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg sits on the board of Grameen Credit Agricole. The new Fund aims to target 15-20 Million Euros for a term of 10 years.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have just heard from zasheem that he is finishing copy for issue 2 of journal of social bsuiness. I was wondering if you could contribute a short piece announcing why celebrating millennium goals is so important -as well as social business day 2011 as the network and place to do it with.

If there are any ongoing social actions - perhaps linking to which yunus universities or other partners who have a millennium goals led project.

Having something that puts youth and millennium goals into early issue of the journal is important as its surprising how few people could mention all the goals - let alone map how they are connected by grassroots networks of  credit as a human right

Big goals are one of the few startegic approaches I believe in most. I must try some time to get back in touch with British economist James Collins who tried to redesign economics and innovation around Big Hairy Audaciious Goals


Jim Collins - Video/Audio - Building Greatness to Last

How Can You Tell if You Have a Good BHAG? | 02:03. Packard's Law | 01:16 ... The Story of Starbucks' Journey to Find its BHAG | 02:18 | Download MP3 ... › VIDEO/AUDIO - Cached - Similar

  • Jim Collins - Books

    Among the findings are: Preserve the Core / Stimulate Progress, BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), and the Genius of the And. Like Good to Great, Built to ... - Cached - Similar
  • [PDF]

    Core Ideology Breakout Session Envisioned Future Breakout Session ...

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    As a group, select or create a 10- to 30-year BHAG for the organization that encapsulates ... Is it undeniably a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, not a verbose, ... - Similar
  • Jim Collins - Tools - Discussion Guide

    What is your BHAG—big hairy audacious goal? What is your first five year base camp, on the way to achieving the BHAG? What practices and strategies does ... › TOOLS - Cached - Similar
  • [PDF]

    Where are you on your journey from Good to Great?

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    4) Achieve BHAGs—big hairy audacious goals. Grade Range: ... We understand the difference between a 10-to-25 year BHAG—which is like a huge mountain to
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    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    what would world of youth & yunus miss if journal of social business did not exist

    we encourage debates of this sort at

    I think as a yunus intelligence & collaboration hub it should maintain a list of active and dormant SB partners of yunus

    and wherever a partner has a clear positive future compond benefit to yunus (ie networking progress towards youth and his 2010s goals) it should be able to describe what this is

    eg the core reporting questions of any partner like danone, credit agricole, youth employment division of french govrnment are

    1 what would yunus uniquely miss connecting with future if this partner did not exist?

    related questions are:

    2 what does partner get that economically sustains partners realtionship with yunus

    both 1 and 2 can also note multiplier impacts of collaborating with other compatible partners of yunus which is what makes france social bus capital iof world

    3 also if advantage of this partnership is currently operating in a few parts of the world, does the parner want to be contacted by friends of yunus who would like that partner's impact happening in other places or is up to those friends to find a parallel way to deliver those benefits to the other places?

    note : since we are a journal we are not interested in puffery but trabnsparency of actual benefits and win-win-wins being served


    if you agree this is the purpose of the journal - how do we accelerate its presence - should we write up a paper on french partners as an illustration - what help do you need to quickly have the best list of the above kind

    5:57 am edt 

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    identifying 3000 leaders who support 2010s as youths most exciting decade

    My dad, norman macrae, worked all his life at The Economist to show that the joy of economics invests in advancing youth's opportunities. Moreover, as first journalist of internet in 1984 - as well trademark cheerleader of entrepreneurial revolutIon - he deckared the net generation's purpose to unite economics round ending poverty. He foresaw Moores law of annual doubling moving from silicon capability to what digitally interconnecting people selectively networked to action learn first. Yes We Can vibrantly empower community everywhere. In his final years it was natural that Norman Macrae would see Dr Yunus as the net genration's most connected leader in open soircing 3000 global vilage solutions to humanity's most pressing needs. He declared that his estate would provide social business loans launching the joyous economics of the journal of social business. Specifically, these would provide for 3000 world leaders celebrating the exciting 2010s with dr yunus and the net generation. Help us identify which 3000 leaders should see the journal first and how to unite round leaders that join in goal-oriented economic purposes selected by youth.  

    • 1000+ mailing list chosen dr yunus over last 4 months
    • 275 US congressmen who voted for yunus economics fall 2010
    • U-time's 250 most reourced partners of london olympics as investing in youth, sustainbaility and commonwealth
    • 100 most connected parisians of danonecommunities and digital for change
    • 100 economists and gllobal media leaders most supporting norman's view of entrepreneurial revolution since first published in The Economist 1976
    • 100 most virally active youth at
    • 100 people helping kenya and most support the "africans are genius" solutions of jamii bora. and the declaration of summer 2009 made by queen sofia, ingrid munro and sam daley-harris of microcreditsummit
    • 100 most active developers of Grameen Scotland
    • First 100 global social business corporate partners of Grameen and its purpose as world's most collaborative agent of sustainability goals and connector of what information technology can simultaneously share everywhere
    • 100 disciples of what John Von Neumann assumed the computer was for and the 10 times increase in productivity that drucker mapped the first knowledge open sourcing generation as capable of
    • designers of 50 most practical webs of the liberty, egalite and fraternite of egov
    • selected animators of yunus 2050 bookclub and dvd 10000 club
    • ... your ideas
    4:51 pm est 

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    hayek is the person dad would link to as one of the most sensible reformers of the awful system of letting governments manage printing of currency

    The late great Cambridge educated Norman Macrae, former Deputy Editor of The Economist reflected on the first 100 “Hobart Papers” published by The Institute of Economic Affairs.  Sound Money got his attention:

    “About 40 of the first hundred Hobarts have been on macro-economic subjects. For me, the most convincing has been the most radical number 70, by the Nobel Prize -winner Professor F. A. Hayek, which advocated the Denationalization of Money. It is probably going to be recognised during the period of the second hundred Hobarts that inflation has been caused by one particular manifestation of the age of growth of government power, namely, the nationalisation during the 20th century of the production of money. Before 1914 the gold standard prevented officialdom from increasing the money supply. Private profit-making banks could and did create paper Credit, but the attraction of such paper money remained limited by the security of the issuing banks. Since 1918, governments have acquired the right to print money and do so when ever pressures are put on them

    can we all please hub round the journal in the spirit of the last chapter of dr yunus book; a spirit which must determine not only type of content, but style of content and why academics are not the first audience that a journal of most exciting decade for social action entrepreneurs to free market to

    *** for youth this is the journal of their most exciting decade and so their responsibility to change how leaders use media - since the economics as well as social consequences of global media is predominantly driven by youth

    ***for economists and indeed all the most expensive professionals and professors in the world this is their "microeconomics" pathway to redemption - making economics the practice of the more communally economical not the less as global macroeconomics has vicuously spiraled it

    BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | In full: Brown's speech at UN

    Jul 31, 2007 ... People power in support of the leadership of developing countries. ..... VIDEO AND AUDIO NEWS. Prime Minister Gordon Brown addresses the UN ... -

    ***for dr yunus it is is confirmation that yes we can - as his system designs provide the simplest benchmarks and community empowerment to unite our race to poverty museums, and to make sure technology is microentrepeneurially  used everywhere to create more jobs than it takes; of course in every sustainability hub and  citizen lab - from 60 villager centres up - SB is people power's core model of privatisation and or what the world's most daring government = "radical britain" now need communties to network innovation and confluct resolution through

    I am developing an open research process to help us search out which top rank economists and broadcast media anchors deserve their ranking. more soon

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    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    Social Business - History's MIcro Hall of Fame

     love to track how social business and drucker overlap particularly job creation aspects implied by 50 times more productivity of knowledge worker networking designed to sustain communities

    testimonies to my dad's life - his article: that which dr yunus asked for the day before his glasgow visit (1 dec 2008) makes it very clear why this always was destined to be the biggest social-political-economic issue of 2010s developed world


    Glasgow's gravity as the capital where microeconomics was born 251 years ago with Adam Smiith; (it is drucker who confrims how the french fans of Adam coined the word entrepreneur)

    who would you add to this list rsvp

    9:19 am edt 

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Connections with decade's research of Intangibles Crisis Union
    Goodwill (along with related critical values including transparency and sustainability) is being everywhere destroyed in large corporations even though its the largest asset in service or knowlege economes. The crisis is caused by goodwill being a systemic dynamic, and thus mathematically one whose correct measurement form would be understanding what exponential leadership trajectory an organisation is spinning (up or down) not a number. It is perfectly possible to know what exponential a corporation is spinning because most of goodwill is built through relationshop quelity and in a bayesian sense is already invested in to what will happen next.

     we go back to year 2000, margaret blair then at georgetown law school chaired a report on intangibles crisis - published by brookings as "unseen wealth" - it concluded that there is a missing audit without which we will compound crashes unseen in every global market
    she presented the results to the incoming bush administration in quarter 1 of 2001; had all funds stopped and told me she was going to leave the subject to the European Union
    It spent 3 years developing similar research only to find its funds cut - the last time I met the head of intangibles research funds in Brussels he said chris it would need 3 european enrons crashing in
    one year before the people get the  politcians interested in this again

    ICU Blog
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