.i heard this tanzania example reported today but i have no means to verify
tanzania exports of cashews reached 600 mn $ one year but are looking nearer 300 in 2020- what are reasons for downs and ups; and is the mix 10% processed in tanzania; most of 90% processed in india optimal? what are your suggestions of most transparent source- is there an africa wide map that everyone agrees on - or does one have to try and collect data by nation and crop ....
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which uni do you love most in world? I love Tsinghua- their teachers work with youth assuming the teacher's job is to make students do far more connected in sustaining the world than old teachers ever can.
So please rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk which are the most vital knowledge networks students need to amplify over next 2 college years up to Tokyo Olympics greatest ever celebration of valuing youth
  • march 2019 (nb delayed 3 months now expected june 2019) digital cooperation released by UN and 20 nations tech wizards including us melinda gates china's jack ma india's amandeep gill- the world's antonio guterres
  • march 2019 womens stories worldwide meeting hosted by beijing international language scholars http://yenchingsymposium.org/
  • april 2019 xi jinping debates most sustainable economic models for 100 nations using adam smith logic that each nation needs its own diverse economic and education model<;li>
  • july 2019 aiib asks luxembourg to mediate 100 sustainability banking delegations-japan begins year of world stage interventions celebrating Reiwajoy.com
  • july japan hosts g20- note homework started 1 dec 2018 for youth women sme and green finance networks to impact g20
  • 2017- the year that education changed the economics of everyone why can't UN design modula sdg livelihoods curricula
    2018 - YouthWorldAffairs -what if new york suburbs such as amazon hq2.2 rated by sustainability goals generation world class at jobs-connecting education as well as investment banking and media - join our meetings preparing before and after collaborations with WISE@UNGA UN sept 2018
    -help map education and sustainability's 7 most wonderful summits for under 30s at www.valuetrue.com xmas 2017 puzzle is it possible to blockchain the world carbon emissions market? summit debrief wise paris march 2019 - fast tracks 09
    China's greatest Job Creator; Jack Ma 1 2 -Wise@beijing

    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    10 education dreams for nations that free their youth to dream

    dream searches need linking to
    1 who is the world record job creator of the dream- who is the chinese person - whos the rest of the world person - how do we connect their alumni- how does this relate to news sir fazle wants reported to him

    3 where are cities  (or the borders on belt road maps) testing out this dream

    dream 1? list of 10 times more affordable that girls should be allowed to choose between before leaving home
    english 2nd langguage
    chiense as 2nd language
    other secoind languages
    - all of these can be peer to peer connected eg hujian in 10 times less costly way- also alumni of these clubs can help each other - eg expert coders need to know girls in societies that have deep problems apps could so;lve - ie girls serve chin and bangladesh villages

    2 free universities
    these come in variius types that i will add to

    3 tech ihubs being in the middle of cities with 10000 startups - what ihud did in kenya - what is done in beijing - what jayfus hasnt done yet because we havent open spaced the need

    4 communities for all - jack ma will do first expo of these in tokyo- this fits his beyond classroom- for example if girls organise their own fashion contests then lee can give them some of hso technology - you can be a fashion reporter - you can find your own design genii; ma prefers to create local fashion stars; and clothes need to be different by climate or type of sue not just 
    norways president says that all of norway has thriving communiteis thats why choldren elasving school dont need homework tyere are all sorts of safe things to aoorentice action learn in the community - ist a catch 22 how do we improve communita nd oustdie calssroom in places that dont have them- lets see how lejiang does that

    5 mary studies 2 oposite ends what 0 -6 need as headstart

    6 what teachers need as robot training assistants - this brings ai into the classroom- it turns all the crap of amazon alexis into smart assistant  (ecah of tehse toys is really a way oi humansing big data analysis so any student can use it) we could have a belt road teaching assistant - basically anything that needs lot of data- its already simple to build a doctors assistant for diagnosis than the average doctor- why not fast start nursing colleges for 15 year olds with such ai in classroom 

    7 whats really worldpossible - how do we get the chinese and english speaking approaches on this to converge - ed doesnt know what the chinese are doing as he assumes it all connects around khan but khan is nobody in china- 4 of edis colleagues were at wise so i still need to find one connection

    8 green curricula - this is one jimping and macron have promised to lead - in dc my friends at self.org were the first to teach rural china how to use small sola around 1995

    9 really critical stuff that links india and chinese coders around leapfrog model - ma has the alipay but india has the big data of billion person id this was collected by nilekani the biggest name in india it -the billionnaire who first scaled telecenters

    10 surprise me with biggest educational thing amy dreams of that you have told me of

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    edu summits top 10 agenda 2018 = free university

    main summit wise@accra may 2018 - co-sponsored by eminent un 15 co-chair president of ghana - hence connection  eminent 15 between all wise and un summits ; Em15  is also the connection between un and all belt road summits  (see lord stren interview series announce aiib 2016 for debriedf aiib 2017 mumbai and g20 argentina july 2017';; hence triangularisation of education on every belt road map

    co-chaor with presient of ghan of EM15 is Erna Solberg president of norway who also co-chairs the education commission


    When you provide scholarships for disadvantage students what nation building alumni groups are you building? choices include:
    1 those who go on to do education preferential option poor etiher back in poor region or in training up a skill –see also missing curricula and 10 tiems more affordable peer to peer training models- understand demographics- what happens if 2/3 your scholars are disadvantaged girls- also whats the connection between coiding wizars and thoise who serve the poorest regions who are best able to describe missing apps

    those who make a lot of money but give back

    those who become the country’s future public servants and leaders

    ultimately the full establishment of a free university provides the space to break through the monopolies of certification , examination , whats reserached, whats taught that the hierarchy of national education system sits on - and which today explains why up to 70% of what we examine students from 11 years up has become irrelevant to livelihoods and being the sustainability generation

    (question what are advantages to free uni where culture celebrates the disadvantaged student at core - over time pretty much everything is diferent when a university's purpsoe celebrates its disadvanbtaged scholars as well as the intergenetaional mechanism of alumni finding and alumni networking - you only need to see where mba universities drove america's loss of sustainability - see also the economist debate that voted by a narrow margin on mbas causing more natioanl destruiction than building)

    suggest these cases are included taddy blecher (founder 199 south afroica free university - cod a, maharishi, mandela extranet); probably africas and worlds first edgy free uni
    most of the courses were developed in peer to peer fashion – ie one way to repay your scholarship was to teach your first year on graduating

    innovated 4 coiurses that were found to need 7th grade vesion – srtill the modal school leaving age in s Africa
    maharishi – love your own self-confidence to serve others
    2 coding
    3 entrepreneurship for sustainability generation
    4 financial literacy  (this also became a mobile portal- sort of student edietd consumer guide to good bad and ugly of loans ) - compare the oyer edgiest innovation of finacial literacy - aflatoun cvurricula now taught from 3rd grade up in about 100 countries- origin orphanage india)
    s Africa free ubiversity was supported bt Mandela (extranet); branson, google Africa and other- it bnecamne a feeder solege for oprah winfreey school for girls- when billionaire to be founder of spanks sarah blakely won social laureate of bransons apprentice her work on grils education sought out blecher and connected branson – blechers free university was an early skoll laureate – until then social entrepreneurship had been barely into education for reasons which show why western models of social entrepreneur were not founded in the 2 main bangakldeshi enetrepreneurial revolution of guve directkly and charitable franchsie with positive income gen model- education is an unique problem because in other secrtuirs where governments make a mess business eladers can design better social business mdoesl; in education bot the monopolies that restrickt what is examoined and certoified and the amount of taxes that should indeed be invested in education emkan that government needs to be a positive partber- sadly education uions the wprld over block such public private youth partbersing especially in te digital areas which are educations only job creating hope

    brac schikarships; the Dubai billionaire; the 10 founders club round ghanas free university

    e need taddy to correct the poart retelating to him and to like your one pah=ger befire skoll summit in april - hopefully he can reconnect yuxuan

    he  may summit in accra wil also rehearse what is said abiut free unibversities at unite natiosn in spetmber and at paris in mar 2019

    emember to we can brabnch into cases by subhect area'what could the nearky free nusiing college model like if pribess anne and freibnds had found a different starting pointb vthan yunus

    hy should paris launch a free university of green

    something very important is where a place has a greta conferebce cebntre turn kleading spoeakers contributions into class modeuls

    hat's is what jeju does in elading green big bang

    when it comes to brac - research what is it those who get schoarshipos do that is diferent from the rest

    there should be a connection in my mind between what the free university teaches studnets and what the world's best class is for a public servant in a particular rfae such as health

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    hello i was at wise in november - its wonderful thats africa's universities won the 6th wise laureate thanks to patrick and all his friends and colleagues and alumni; i have been lucky enough to know taddy blecher for about 10 years who i note you have known since 2005 A Trip to Africa with MSN: Heroes of Africa

    i understand wise is com ng to accra in may- i also hear patrick say on a tv interview in qatar that about 10 universities now share ideas on new universities

    please could tell me who these are and if there are early details on what sorts of speakers are coming together in accra please can you send them

    we will be working hard to connect wise friends - sir fazle abed the first laureate being a friend of my fathers- the opportunities to connect 5 summits wise from beijing to qatar to accra to the united nations to paris are ones many student unions wanting to change education will be reviewing 


    chris macrae 
    washington dc 240 316 8157 norman macrae foundation