humanity's last best chance cop26 - collaborations welcome -civilisation is race between education & catastrophe -hg wells
Happy Easter 2021 --special thanks Japan for 60th year of inspiring JFK dialogue what can English speaking world and youth learn from human development of two thirds of our species living in Asia?...change education's 20 happiest ideas 2021-1984(

2021.0 cooperation promises un and others to review at december year end summit - learning passports (fore unicef), every school satellite mapped (for unicef), korea shares its transformation model with world (gordon brown)
2021.1 college coalition that values sdg generation
2021.2 in blended ai education student owns skills certificate
2021.3 story of how new zealand's learning web flipped china education
2021.4 13th year updates of half of all youth unemployable unless -
+1 240 316 8157 -here are some twitter edu lists where we search for edu tranformation
2021.4.1 - coding is like music, sports, maths genii- more personalised experiential learning more genius - data Csikszentmihalyi
2021.4.2 see what singapore means by ai curriculum for every grade- there isnt a livelihood that wont change in 2020s as ai takes over real time operational platforms of sustainability goals - see aiforgood
2021.5 end forced sequence of edu- from 10+ true education designed round : last 2 years child expected at school to bridge apprenticeship in real world; and lifelong returnability
2021.6 every parent/community can gain from benchmark abed pre-school and abed primary - the 2 largest non gov edu franchises in the world
2021.7 ways communities can take back engaged schools: servive learning -american intlschools- barcelona &; dual language scools - jaumont alumni; reverse mentoring by children- eg global dream kids can help illiterated adults rad during one summer vacation; taiwans reverse mentoring - tech wizard youth paired with mentoring goverment ministers- part of how taiwan stayed covid free nation
2021.8 year 13 of nearly free nursing college blends with where did nations learn from covid about last mile health servants shortages
2021.9 TOP 10 missing curricula of millennials as first sd generation- there's agreement on most missing curricula-but not what education system design needed- eg world needs hundreds of millions more last mile health servants but that begins with peer to per adolescent health-an exactly opposite system to hi cost endless exam systems of medics training usa
2020.10 americas forbidden conversations - what does most of nordica mean by we have no bad schools, we dont do standard exams; we dont do lots of homework- we do community engagement as major process of teens education ... that conversation needs to becomes as popular as sports in usa -
2021.11 propostion led by un envoy of education friends -would you willingly go for brain surgery to a place that hasnt changed its systems for 200 years- but thats what we do in sending kids to the "classrom"
2021.12 - what will worlds fav living educator jack ma do next-
4 years ago jacks promise to return to celebrating edu full time after a 24 year absence as one of world's 2 biggest market sounded fun- aliba would lead olympics sponsors through 20s- as jack sad markets such as sports education arts health green cant be reached by mainly commerce platforms- youth ai platforms can- then covid destroyed japans happiest ever relaunch of youth's purpose, and masa son refinanced selling out jack as hs main profitable asset, and the blockchain work jack had started with beijings end poverty policy makers became too hot for ant to handle; meanwhile gutteres and gates took over ma's digital finance cooperation recommendations - hidden away jack ha several universities that are still on the up -the entrepreneur uni at hangzhou; the train africa coding wizards in partnership with kenyan who ran unctad; the superai research faculty of damo- some old notes at
2021.13 what will bezos do next? we understand his university partnership have increasingly become amazon corporate university so execs update skills every 3 years- but couldnt his foundations leak such curricula to an open university coalition- and is bezos the richest man not to connect edu in dev world?
2017- the year that education changed the economics of everyone why can't UN design modula sdg livelihoods curricula
2018 - YouthWorldAffairs -what if new york suburbs such as amazon hq2.2 rated by sustainability goals generation world class at jobs-connecting education as well as investment banking and media - join our meetings preparing before and after collaborations with WISE@UNGA UN sept 2018
-help map education and sustainability's 7 most wonderful summits for under 30s at xmas 2017 puzzle is it possible to blockchain the world carbon emissions market? summit debrief wise paris march 2019 - fast tracks 09
China's greatest Job Creator; Jack Ma 1 2 -Wise@beijing

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Education Above All
World Innovation Summit for Education 2017. Watch us at WISE 2017, where we are raising awareness of the importance of providing quality education for all. Read more ...

[PDF]EAA Session at WISE Explores the Role of Data ... - Education Above All
Nov 7, 2015 - The session featured an explanation of PEIC's global data service on attacks on education, which will be a hub for the collection, sorting, analysis, storage and distribution of information about attacks on education for policy-‐makers, the UN, NGOs and other stakeholders. The session was moderated by Dr.

Dr. Mary Joy Pigozzi |
The WISE Prize for Education ... Position: Executive Director, Education Above All, Educate a Child ... Before that she was Senior Education Advisor for primary education at UNICEF and responsible for the development of both the UN system-wide Girls' Education Initiative and UNICEF's global Girls' Education Programme.

1.2 million children affected by Syrian crisis are benefiting from ...
Sep 22, 2017 - News and Press Release from UN Children's Fund, Education Above All, published 22 Sep 2017.
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Education Above All (@EAA_Foundation) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Education Above All (@EAA_Foundation). Improving access to high quality #education for vulnerable and marginalized people in the developing world. Doha, Qatar.
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UN SDG Action Campaign – The United Nations SDG Action Campaign
Doha, Qatar: 14-16 November, 2017 The SDGs were a key focus for global education actors when they gathered at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha. Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, Chairperson of the Education Above All (EAA) Foundation and one of seventeen United Nations ...

MY World 2030 – UN SDG Action Campaign
The SDGs were a key focus for global education actors when they gathered at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha. Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, Chairperson of theEducation Above All (EAA) Foundation and one of seventeen United Nations Secretary-General SDG Advocates, hosted ...

Education Above All Foundation | LinkedIn
Education Above All Foundation (EAA) is a global initiative founded in 2012 by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar. At EAA, we bring together programmes that provide educational opportunities, with a special commitment to communities facing poverty and crisis. To bring new life chances and real hope and ...
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[PDF]Annual Report 2015 - Educate a Child
At Education Above All Foundation, we are working to empower children, young people and women through the provision of ... In September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations. General Assembly. One of the ..... EAC at WISE 2015 (November 2015). EAC Publications in ...

Eminent leaders to attend EAA sessions at summit - Gulf Times
Oct 31, 2015 - Education Above All Foundation (EAA) will open its third edition of the EAA Village at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) at the Qatar ... former minister for education in Mozambique; Dr Kevin Watkins, executive director of the Overseas Development Institute, Thomas Gass,UN assistant ... POP sustainability goals: social net 2030now ...
2000 learning delegates summit at education above all and WISE : Her HighnessUN head antonio guterres, sir fazle abed and about 5 eminent UN people announced that UNga new york sept 2018 will feature mother of all summits on refugee learning ...

Education Pour Tous (UNESCO/BREDA) - Panapress
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Doha, Qatar (PANA) – Les participants au Sommet mondial de l'innovation pour l'éducation (WISE) ont lancé jeudi à Doha, un appel en vue d'aider les jeunes réfugiés et déplacés internes, en présence de Son Altesse, Sheikha Moza bin Nasser, présidente de la Fondation Education Above All, selon uncommuniqué ...