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Monday, July 31, 2017

Mr. Rich Zajac
Co Founder
United States of America

Rich Zajac is a leading Brain-Computer Interface researcher from New York City with a degree focused in Autism/Neuroscience (Organizational Studies) & Film from Claremont McKenna in Los Angeles. With experience in Venture Capital (CrunchFund in Silicon Valley), as a filmmaker featured on CNN (The New Hibakusha), and as a serial entrepreneur (NexDrive/Vroomeo), Rich's latest project reflects his passion for autism. AutismCodes is revolutionizing the way we treat the spectrum initially through an interdisciplinary, neuroscience-centric approach to education and therapy employing brain scanning to create personalized, gamified curriculums (with backend integrated feedback for parents/teachers/therapists) based on an individual's neuroplasticity, predisposition to talents, and current social/cognitive shortcomings designed to maximize those early years of cognitive development but with a decades-long trajectory to optimize lives of individuals agnostic of age or position on the spectrum by correlating water molecule movement in white matter tracts to actionable talents and shortcomings (i.e. above-average prefron

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