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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

1st supercity rehearsal of WISE@UNGA

Key wise reports : #8Autism and #11 Migrant Children

Thanks to china we now know that post industrial economies sustain growth by communally valuing how to grow people above quarterly production and consumption of things.

This means that nations which prioritise jobs-rich education geared to sustainability goals' exponential development can win-win across belt road maps China and over 65 national leaders have started to design, and invest in through new development banking. Which countries in addition to china are taking education first seriously. This is to be urgently re reviewed at :
UN General Assembly 2018 ( special summit WISE@UNGA)
Belt Road 2.0 – Beijing May 2019
Lets imagine world education forums blossom  everywhere that leaders and big data local technologists meet to promise transnational commitment to celebrating the sustainability goals generation
Examples of urgent regional maps post-industrial countries can benchmark:
China & win-win trading routes including the digital EWTP for SMEs celebrated at China G20 and now being demonstrated by China & Malaysia & expected to be a pivotal compass at world bank Indonesia oct 2018 including aiib consortium ending slums in Indonesia. Argentina may also be expected to champion south american education first values at its G20 July 2018

Bangladesh’s girl empowerment economy and its impact on the China India Bangladesh’s Myanmar corridor. This integrates the moral values of Franciscans and Confucians who value girls as lifting up half the sky. There is much for the west's global media practitioners to learn from this

Qatar’s positioning of education as the way beyond an economy configured around oil. Its celebration of partnerships in refugee learning also known as education above all

Ghana’s leadership of African nation’s celebrating an ethical leaders university for disadvantaged students. WISE@accra

Denmark’s leadership of worldwide generation of one million jobs for youth with autism
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