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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

friends of columbia uni china networks monthly meeting 1 preparing to celebrate wise@UNGA -celebrating wise as the education laureates network inaugurated around sir fazle abed in 2011 by un eminent lady from qatar Sheikha Moza bint Nasser

the WISE@ world series: paris feb 2019; UNGA sept 2018; accra may 2018: qatar nov 2017; madrid february 2017;  beijing nov 2016; tunisia  spring 2016; qatar annually 2011- 2015; the wise laureates -2017 PatrickAwuahJr Ghana Ashesi Uni
2015 - Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Afghanistan  
2014 - Ms Ann Cotton, The United Kingdom  girl schools africa
2013 - Ms. Vicky Colbert, Colombia
2012 – Dr. Madhav Chavan,  India 
2011 – Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Bangladesh ===================

NY Nov meeting attended by
denis gilhooly - lead connector oif what health and tech could do at UN
amy chen -columbia uni's eminent rep at un is professor j sachs; china's commisioner for education jack ma is china's eminent delegate to un; amy attended sir fazle abed's 80th birthday party and was asked by the abed family to pilot china-bangaladesh gorls friendship newsletter

thorkil sonne - creating million jobs for youth with autism'

ed resor calaloguing worldwide open learning rachel/world possible and 45th year of friending south sudan; 21st year of investing in bangladswh mobile partnerfships with vilage women ( muhammad yunus bangladesh un eminent person and sir fazle abed)

chris macrae - norman macrae foundation has arranged brand chartering youth journalists
8 trip to beijing geared to 40 yers since norman macrae survey of the future of chinese youth as pivotal to 21st c sustainablity goals curricula

15 trips to bangladesh to help adam smith scholars launch journal of social business and to celebrate sir fazkle abed as top 3 world reord jobs creatoor,
rips ro wise & beijing @madrid @ qatar 2017
 online library of norman macrae--;

apologies for absence 
mark thornton - past head of jp morgan private banking UK ; entering 10th year of supporting knowledge of how bangladesh village women built the 8th most populous nation which began in 1971 with next to nothing

javeed - devoting rest of his life to improving education for india's youth 
Javeed MIRZA
Convener, MEI (Mass Education Initiative)

friends from other wise related networks
marta vernet from wise spain - coordinates experiential learning at american interional school of barcleona

australian coders of cultural app for classroom and ancestry service for businesses to profile diversity of their staff- a wise accelerati0 project 2017-2018

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