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Thursday, November 23, 2017

in 1970 what urgent bottom up challenges did both china and bangladesh face,ll and what differed

.innovation criisbangladeshchina.
.rural starvationboth cooperated in rice science - ...the perfect food security crop
.poor rural health esp mothers and kids.brac tried china's olution but not enougfh doctors for cities let alone vilages without electricity- solution scale eudcation curricula oral rehydration by mothers to infants; sucess esrtablished brac as only nertwork able to scale across rural nation; brac microfinaces 200000 livelihoods of para helatklthworkers - who loive in community and provide basic cures inckluding midwifery.barefoot doctirs
.disaster relief.slef-suffiency of communities hit by cyclone where brac began and relevant rto whole nation.while china has some regions frequelty faced with challenge of disater resilience, not nationwide the way it is in bangaldesh
.edu and geberations of illiteracy.designg edu system to break through generation of illiteraccy and to lead to livelihods core to brac's shared visiosn.china has needed to improve education but not at depth of iliteracy bangaldesh experienced
.infartsructire.bangladesh would love toi have hosted a regional superport eg cox's bazar but no wealthy diaspora

while bangladsh has often faced the samne innovation dletas as china, its never had chnace to be a real infrastgructure ekaders
.china's welatheist diaspora invirted in inwarly invest in fisr non-state coporations- infratsructire was the unique stratength of te doapora in making the regions suoerports (and becoming wor;ld's 3rd wealthiest network)
.dhgital and solar.surporiing mobile phoines and hence need to refersh them with mnicrosola came to bangladesh first in 1996.china rapidly overtook bangladesh as invetsor in solar but didnt realy scale universal mobile connectivity to 2008- when china dis sclae this is was based on mp4 and smart mobile phones
.safety.brac operates more bootom up lawyers that there are poloce stations in bangla.in china, pretty muich every few hundred yards of city there is a local policing microfranchose
.finance services.bangladesh had invented manual mocrocredit networks; today brac operates the world's largest cashless bank www.bkash.com.almost non-existent for rural until jack ma created alipay c.2005 and ant financial poorest supports teir start up eg taobo

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