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Friday, November 24, 2017

october = agenda of meetings with sir fazle abed

meeting july 2017 - suggestions from mostofay to yuxuan and amy
I am confirming that we have got an appointment to meet Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder of BRAC - the largest NGO in the world. The meeting is scheduled on 27 July at 11.30 am. Back in 2012, he was the chief discussant of a remembrance party hosted by the embassy of Japan in Bangladesh; which I approached for and coordinated with hosting.

In collaboration with the Economic advisor of Japan Embassy, we hosted the second dinner party mainly for the coders in Bangladesh; at which Mr Kalam Quadir CEO of bkash was the chief discussant. bkash has already become the largest mobile financial platforms in the world. I have already written to Mr Kamal to see if he is in town. If he is in town, we would have a meeting with him as well.

By the way, I will also contact Mr Shameran - son of sir abed to see if he is in town next week and if so, we would also meet him.

Now let me explain the prime agenda to share with Sir Abed. I understand that we have many agendas but I would suggest to focus on the 3 agenda as follow including others.

1. Investment Bank: I understand the basic concept of investment bank idea Chris has thrown out as a proposal to see if Sir Abed is interested in. Because Chris observes that BRAC has 4 financial services - investment bank is missing. Chris, Can I request you to think of this idea in a more concrete way to make present to Sir Abed. If this is what Sir Abed likes, then we will try to link China investment guy and Imperative Funds.

2. Yuxuan-village Program: This is very important to share with Sir Abed. BRAC has been the number one community up organisations in the world. I believe that Yuxuan village project has perfect synergy with BRAC. I would not be surprised to see Yuxuan involved in BRAC to do similar project for BRAC in its international presence in many countries across the world.

3. I will make a short presentation about Global Youth Community Summit.

We will need to rehearse these agenda. Please share me other agendas. Chris, we have a week ahead of us. Please think aloud what best we can do while meeting Sir Abed.

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