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Friday, November 24, 2017

thorkil, denis can we see if we have time to meet on wednesday

denis- thorkil amy and i will be in region of columbia university where amy occupies jeffrey sachs earth lab-  wed from 1.00 - 4.00 amy is our china-bangladesh girls connector having celebrated sir fazle abed's 80th birthday in dhaka - as well as youth connector of NY's high society people like dianne and john kiehl- i first met denis at a 3 day windsor castle retreat of diannes which amy couldnt get to because she was on harrison owens special open space dance to china

; i thought the 20 people attending dianne@winsdsor castle had been invited to unite round using open tech to turn the un upside down in each of their expert areas including denis which is tech and health -however dianne wanted something different -apparently to chat not act- this is a pity because my family best friend is sir keith peters probably the uk's greatest living health servant - and prince charles prefers his dialogue spaces to be used for action as several of ians friends can affirm including amanda who now works for prince 

but amanda had previously been singing

Project Everyone | The Global Goals

Project Everyone was founded by Richard Curtis, filmmaker and founder of Comic Relief. This is why... In 2015 The United Nations launched The Global Goals ..
 with the producer of american idol richard curtis who is one of the un's 15 eminent people helping guterres summit- other eminents are jack ma. the head of the qatar foundation who has agreed with guterres to merge her 8 years of hosting education laureates and the president of ghana who is hosting a rehearsal summit in may- in parallel china has commissioned lord stern at lse to survey all eminents on belt road so that their demands can be features at fransciscan g20 argentina july 2018 and aiib mumbai june 2018

anyhow since last week we know that the greatest bottom-up knowledge gathering at the un will be hosted on sept 2018 at the UNGA - in effect it is the microeducation summit that 20 years of microifinance summits led by queen sofia of spain and hilary global clinton could have been but werent

leaders of this summit include guterres and since he has previously congratulated china belt road as being the action sustainability goal summit he always dreamed of - we can assume china's greatest educators and  sustainability goal technologists will get there as well as many national leaders of big developing countries who will be only too delighted  to find belt road new development banking is taking over some space in the UN

i am in bangladesh before xmas to understand who sir fazle partnerships may bring- as you may know 

sir fazle first big investor was james grant who helped turn unicef into a platform for oral rehydration - in his owner the worlds number 1 bottom up public health program is convened by brac and some researchers at columbia university

denis, thorkil obviously you have spent most of your life looking for partners in community health solutions and how tech comes into this- so if afternoon of wednesday doesnt suit - thoril can i ash you what time your train comes in ? 

amy can help any future time arrange meetings with eg dianne , kiehl etc

how do we find the fjrst thing that is a win-win-win for all of us and makes anyone coming to UNga want to be part of our new york local club- i dont know if amys friend noah cares about health or tech curricula on his elearning satellite yazmi or if kiehls friend who gave 100 mn dollars to NY engineering school-shanghai cares about healhtech- i do know that jack ma will get to health blockchains by 2020 if not earlier - tere ian ryder or jayfus may be able to help with timelines

locally in DC. the most frustrating thing is you would think that with joim kim heading world bank bottom up health would be fast forwarding all round baltimore-dc- its not for 2 reasons - kim has been told do not spend time on us and after amount of time he spent on ebola do not spend time on partnerships with your previous employer- so the chances of his knowledge ever coming to help usa citizens seems below zero unless we can open space in baltimore in ways we havent yet found out how to do


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