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Thursday, December 21, 2017

1066 and all that - Final Episode
Grandad first opened space with gandhi nearly 100 years ago though technically james wilson of the economist started mediating beyond empire in 1859 (dying before his time of dehydration, though leaving his son-in-law walter bagehot to redesign commonwealth currency with queen victoria).... along the debates amy's teams have opened up in the last 3 years East and West Entrepreneurial Truth have come full circle! 

Jinpings brand charter of what he wants 80 million CPC19 party members to serve is up there with magna carta and 1776's DofI as future history's saving graces if sustainability is to be


is there anywhere we could meet to discuss only way to end extreme poverty (and resolve extreme SDGs ) is go live and learn with poorest. 100 years of reporting shows this has been applied by Franciscans Confucius, Muslim Girl Empowerment, Gandhi, Maharishi and Mandela. It can unite all belt road leaders and all jack ma big data small platforms as well as all last mile health. So which are the big opportunities over next 12 months including latin america and india agendas top most for xi jinping and jack ma. Last month we found out that as well as G20 , Guterres is inviting every culture involved in refugee learning to make this most actionable summit of UN General assembly sep 2018....

this will apply to every industry leader china chooses to partner along belt roads; its how britain should make joining brexit and china an alternative to everything EU's brissels and US's congress has spun global 1.0 in low trust media ways and to destroy youths futures

there's one obvious group in oxford and one in paris but otherwise i seem to have lost understanding on who's reality who - while richard curtis could have been way into bbc and as he advises biggest learning summit the un has ever staged sept 2018 at general assembly i have very bad memories of hois 2005 makepoverty history campaign where my leading facilitator was killed in 7/7 so

you might all gain hugely from knowing thorkil - he's invited into words top discussions as his networks leads job creation for youth with autism

chris macrae

ps just so you are aware its not trump in dc that leads the idea that war with north korea is needed its too many people at the pentagon and congress lobbies who see they will be out of work if everywhere trust china as mapping world peace.  2018 is going to be a year well beyond my media knowhow- lets hope we do get to new york UN safely in september

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