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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dear Clare

Wonderful to hear from you - my favorite tv commentator of 2017

In january I  will be in beijing interviewing people who are as crazy about changing education (40 year debate) as gordon dryden and I am;; It would be wonderful to meet either in beijing january or dc or new york in february; in march my 

hero thorkil sonne is invited by some  beijing leaders to share his knowhow on creating million jobs for youth with autism

 the WISE@Beijing summit in nov 2016 was a gamechanger as was aiib summit in jeju june 2017; UN antonio guterres has invited all relevant alumni groups to stage greatest ever refugee learning summit during the general assembly new york sept 2018; i believe english and chinese speakers who believe the next 5 years can be youths most joyful tine should host a beijing event - 90% of coding is done in chinese or english

my view is that every belt road map now opens space for question on language, culture and tech exchanges; i first  'met' amy at a mooc segment of world bank jim kims; she had worked her wap up from chinese village schools and was completing her undergraduate degree at a state university- however she told me that teaching herself english was the greatest door opener to her life and why couldnt english be 10 times more affordable for chinese youth to learn

she is now at columbia university preparing to change the world with the best news stories on girls learning which sir fazle abed at brac asked her to help with at his 80th birthday; my father used to be The Economist's end poverty systems futurist; his last project started sending girl graduates to bangladesh; i am hoping that the whole india china bangladesh myanmar asean corridor can be changed by by girls education

Maurice is amy's friend at youth ambassador at vatican universities community summits such as www.premiosciacca.it 

clare in view of your courageous interviews on cgtn - can i ask whats your -and everyone in this mail - biggest change dream of 2018- where can youth do and scale something unstoppable and joyful

chris macrae whats app and mobile nu washington dc 240 316 8157
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