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Friday, December 1, 2017

this story is roughly true - if you want indian or barcelona international school experiential learning reports of it ask javeed who will be back from india in new york in january or marta of experiential leaning at barcelonas international school who i first met in wise madrid and who knows chinas deepest end poverty in beijing schools coordinator and like javeed has permissions to ask qatar foundation who their world wide partners in educationaboveall are

about 25 years ago then youngish first lady and man of qatar brainstormed what does our country do in the future when the oil well runs out - he wanted to be the future of sports and she wanted to be the future of education in the desert

so he agreed that she could have 4 square miles desert around the school they had both gone to - and develop the future of education campus called education city
Moza bint Nasser
Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, the daughter of Nasser bin Abdullah Al Missned, is the consort of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, former Emir of the State of Qatar. Wikipedia
BornAugust 8, 1959 (age 58), Doha, Qatar

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and she started talking american universities like georgetown and texas am to build colleges to research something they liked researching

after a while and chatting to other first ladies like jordans and turkeys she found that while education city in the desert may have attracted some brilliant postgraduate R&D silos it didnt reach down to girls and refugee learning, and also the greatest technologists in education didnt really want to live in the desert (until transportation etc was smooth- fortunately this would later fit with her husbands deadlines to build tourist infrastructure for the football world cup)

so she started the education laureates around sir fazle abed and after nominating 1 laureate in each continent asked beijing to host a wise@beijing 2 months after jack ma had tried to co-host an education commission at the un and 5 months before xi jinping was to host his new development banking for infrastructure and education across 65 national leaders belt roads

the chinese learnt from marco polo to be the worlds happiest explorers so having been invited to stage a wise in beijing they sent many of their most extraordinary educator practice people to qatar summit 2 weeks ago and all announced guterres would host a united learning summit of wise and global 2.0 funding of education the way technologists for jobs like jack ma or chinas other BAT can help youth celebrate- so microeducationsummit would leap beyond eg what clinton global 1.0 or microfinance summit could do by valuing big data small in ways never summited before

here are the chinese educators sent to wise that we were able to get business cards from and whom sir fazle abed wants the china-bangladesh girls education newsletter that amy and yuxuan started to do a special feature on

easy to contact if you are passionately concerned are mary young of center for child development and artificial intelligences - in china she thinktanks at www.cdrf.org.cn - one of 2 leading thinktanks on education for jobs; in dc she lives when not touring 9 months a year; in brazil she does her speciality headstart schools 0 to 6 with a bit of paulo freire twist
Mary E. Young, MD, DrPH, is a pediatrician and specialist in global health and child development with broad experience in both developed and developing countries. For the past three decades, she worked at the World Bank, guiding efforts in international public health and child health and development. Currently, she is Director of Center for Child Development at the China Development Research Foundation, Senior Advisor to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, and Technical Advisor to Brazil's Criança Feliz Program. During her tenure at the World Bank, she led global efforts to inform world leaders and policymakers about Early Childhood Development (ECD). Her experience spans the globe—from China, to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to the Middle East and North Africa, and to Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Young’s recent publications and edited works include: The Role of the Health Sector in Promoting Well-being in Early Childhood (2017) in The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Policy. Converting the science of early human development into action: closing the gap between what we know and what we do. (2015) in The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Research; Addressing and Mitigating Vulnerability across the Life Cycle: The Case for Investing in Early Childhood. (2014), for the UNDP Human Development Report; The Role of the Health Sector in Early Childhood Development (2013) in the Handbook of Early Childhood Development: Translating Research to Global Policy; From Early Child Development to Human Development (2001); (published also in Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic), and Early Child Development—From Measurement to Action: A Priority for Growth and Equity (2007) (also available in Portuguese and on CD-Rom); Lancet series on ECD (2007). And, she has published numerous articles on the Chinese health care system, focusing on child health and maternal health.

easy to contact is jialing leader of wise report on how do big cities adapt education to poorest rural migrant families - a very big challenge for xi jinpings promise to end poverty on his watch- she also co-chaired wise in beijing
Jialing Han received her doctoral degree at Peking University in 1997. She has been a researcher at Beijing Academy of Social Science since 1999, and leads the Migrant Education and Action Research Center (MWEAC) as director. She is also Vice President at 21st Century Education Research Institute. Between 2000 and 2001, she led a UNICEF-sponsored project to investigate migrant workers, migrant children, and migrant schools in Beijing. The research was ground breaking and had very positive impact on the policy-making for migrant children’s education. She also conducts action research on the education pattern for migrant children, exploring how to ensure migrant children's equal access to education and mainstream migrant children in the education. Founded in 1999, MWEAC offers a variety of activities for migrant workers and migrant children and provides valuable experience and a practical model for community-based service for rural-urban migrants.

harder to contact for us though not for mary and jialang

are the new billionnaire who runs the largest schools mooc surprise surprise with 10 times moire affordable english as second language out of shanghai arnold fu   www.hujiang.com
Arnold Fu, founder, chairman and CEO of Hujiang, is a young Chinese man who was born in a small town of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu province in 1979. He has never dreamed of becoming a millionaire. Instead, he hopes to help as many people as he can. As a notable young entrepreneur and one of the most successful student-turned businessmen in China, Fu was also named as ‘Makers & Shakers’ on the list of Global EdTech Index top 50 by WISE. Today, Hujiang has become China’s EdTech Unicorn company with valuation over 1 billion USD and has served more than 150 million users, including 120 million mobile subscribers.   As for Mr. Fu, online education is crucial to promoting fair education across the board by creating more equal access to educational resources, and he has adhered to this ideal for over 10 years. Fu has long been devoted to an educational charity program called the Hu+(Hujia) Project. Initiated by his company, Hujiang EdTech, this project aims to change the traditional education model through the use of internet technology. The Hu+ Project both improves and optimizes the sharing of high-quality educational resources. Under his leadership, Hujiang’s mission is to make education easier, fairer and more enjoyable! 

gloria li who runs chinas ted but also agents for the most exciting breakthroughs in education like arnold
Gloria Ai is a broadcast personality, host, and the founder of iAsk Media. She is the producer and host of 3 programs by her company that runs daily, weekly and seasonally. As a moderator, she is frequently invited by high-level business and leadership summits including World Economic Forum, APEC and the Boao Forum for Asia. Prior to launching iAsk Media in March 2014, she presented business and financial news as a lead anchor at CCTV and covered international financial policy as an investment consultant for IFC in Washington, D.C. She holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and is a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum. In 2016 she received the award Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. In the same year, Gloria Ai joined SAIF as a Venture Partner, focusing on equity investment in media and big data.

so who has a place in 2018 whose education urgently needs to linkin and co-create with un guterres or china or qatar or bangladesh - 


lets value brand reality as far as edgiest girls and sustainability goals job creating educators all co-create and would like this to map wherever national leades friend xi jinping and share belt road maps and new banking paradigms

would you like to co-blog at www.youthglobalaffairs.com

or whatsapp at wiseUN

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