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Thursday, January 4, 2018

week 36 president macron jumps into top 10 world record jobs creation league and arguably top 3 national leaders supporting UN head guterres call for mother of all education summits to linkin UN General Assembly sept 2018 with WISE

 Macron jumps into WRJC's top 10 W09 Macron- In his speech to French diplomats (4 jan 2017)
Macron jumps into WRJC's top 10
W09 Macron-
In his speech to French diplomats (4 jan 2017) Macron demanded that education be front and centre of france's maps of foreign assitance-history see  macron at qatar december- macron at education commission sept ;macron in beijing jan 2018; macron invites 80 world leaders to paris nov 11, 2018; edu-economics diary
I will be co-chairing the education replenishment summit in Senegal Feb 1 and joining all education networks changing roads to death, to roads of freedom.
In particular education and jobs  for refugee border all around the Mediterranean are France’s responsibility to change EU. We cannot alow the destruction of the  hopes of a generation in Africa as they develop the youngest continent

why is this such urgently good news in week 36 this
nobody else in west  europe (the union's values designed round haggard infertile grandmothers as pop francis put it) is in a position to connect up the med sea amd african belt road maps at all the spaces (eg refugee borders) requiring extreme innovation to design 21st C jobs-learning

Pope's Blistering Attack on 'Haggard' Europe - The Daily Beast

Nov 25, 2014 - When Pope Francis addressed the European Parliament, he told MEPs that Europe was tired and decrepit, and not doing enough to help imperiled migrants. ... The last time a Pope addressed the parliament in Strasbourg was in 1988 when an Iron Curtain still divided the continent. John Paul II told the ...

Francis Goes to Strasbourg: Full Text of Pope's Speech to European ...

Nov 25, 2014 - Despite a larger and stronger Union, Europe seems to give the impression of being somewhat elderly and haggard, feeling less and less a protagonist in a world which frequently regards it with aloofness, mistrust and even, at times, suspicion. In addressing you today, I would like, as a pastor, to offer a ...

qatars 7 lauteate networks are well represnted from the east, and around the middle east and eg at the turkish bodrer currently hosting 1 million refugees from syria and in jordan another country doing way more than its economic size- germany's awful austrity has doubled and redoubled both refugee agonies and all eastern eruope development (ironical give how much everyon cgheered on germay's reunification) as Romano Prodi said in beijing last year it was horrible presidijng over europe at a tuime when Ihad toi tell them yet again they could be a priority until east germany was developed

the people at the top of the eu were done extrordinarily badly for youth everywhere since 2000- the closed down reserach of trust metrics;l they closed down colaboration acroiss citiznes surveys of tje  mist entrepreneurail cirties where barcolna came top in 2003; they got bodrder policy wring uin every way; and they almost subprimes youth out of exustyence in many countries distant from berlin-

bpob courage president macron

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  1. to ONUdelegfrance -- It was wonderful to see on france 24 today President Macron focusing education into middle of foreign policy especially in relationship to africa and med sea borders

    for three years now we have been trying to map where education partnerships link with the belt road maps that china and other sustaniability goals leaders such as guterres have been sharing (guterres friends call this global2.0)

    in november I attended the wise education laureate summit in qatar where it was announced that Guterres is inviting most of the most extraordinary educators and UN eminent advisers to design a summit for the UN general assembly spet 2018

    Is there anyone in your mission who may be connecting this; we are helping quite a lot of student clubs connect around this - eg columbia university chinese students being one of our new york groups; their main girls empowerment connector was previously at sir fazle abed's 80th birthday party in bangladesh where his family ask her to keep connecting as much as her friends can across china india bangladesh myanmar -a map also of interest to are youth connectors in rome; the chinese are bring a lot of elearning and artificial intelligence to refugee situations - for example Jack Ma has been hosting 3000 people debriefings on such futures - eg this event in Toronto with President Trudeau www.gateway17.com

    we would like to share ideas at any time of they can help us all maximise this summit impact for youth , jobs-led education and making borders happy cross cultural spaces one of the big soft agendas of the way youth inspired by xi jinping maps the world

    I live in washington dc but up monthly to new york to try help make connections; my father's lifetime work at The Economist and with Romano Prodi (Entrepreneurial Revolution) foresaw that education would be critical to whether we help 21st c youth be the sustainability generation- we aim to publish the world record book of jobs creators in his memory

    chris macrae. Norman Macrae Foundation Valuetrue.com EconomistAmerica.com 240 316 8157