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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

dear taddy and annie congrats on your new addition to the family

mostofa is organising a week's event with the main professor jack ma of alibaba uses to scout students and understand whos redesigning community-centric value chains and collecting big data for such small local empowerment- jack ma has recently partnered brac (girls and the world largest ngo partnership) in bangladesh and we are helping organise the first week long academic visit from his researchers

this is very urgent- if we dont start the conversation now it will get lost in 30 other things we are preparing for jack's academic team visit- the professor concerned is based in tsinghua which after 8 visits to china is in my view the number 1 university for anyone to partner as its chinas main public servants university - its not interested in making money out of students but making sure it connect china's future with its alumni and through all the worldwide youth exchanges they make

when it comes to africa the head of unctad does some of the scouting- however mostofa is in a giod position
to ask this professor whether jack ma already has anyone scouting south african entrepreneur graduates who want to be trained in being the next jack ma

 2 jack is spiritually influenced by damo while i dont know the relationships between maharishi and damo school i assume they are not far apart and annie's experience in china makes another reason why jack might trust partnering you assuning that is a win-win- one of jacks biggest deals with countries is to set up a branch of damo innstitute which he is investing 15 billion dollars as a r&D cebtre on AI etc for the poor

one of the several projects jack is doing at un is advising guterrres on which un emients etc are spiritual - he needs this in cities he is sponsoring the olympics and other huge youth gatherings through- and this connects with the new choice to head unhabitat the former mayor of penang- out of kenya she is writing the definitive report on which cities and places have spiritual as well as green leaders at the top of governing

south africa is urgent for china as it hosts brics summit early september and its time to see if s africa can break out post zuma

in the event that s.africa is already a country the head of unctad chooses -then mark whose book changes wall street bankers to think spirit is currently well connected with these top un people as well as having done hugely significant financial projects in banglaldesh

Monday, July 9, 2018

prep for humanTECH greatest week long summit oct 1-7 dhaka- questions chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

simplifying the brightest future humanity could urgently linkin is pretty simple unless you are a macroeconoimic journalist or professor or us/eu congressman or using korea as a wargame

1a brac is world's largest ngo network of partners that designed big-small economies in really excluded places like bangladesh villages and muslim women - places that wouldnt have been excluded on map of world if james had lived longer- brac first scaled nationwide in 1978 by training every village mother in oral rehydration!

1b jack ma are the tech networks of big data small - also of china rising since 1970 when it decided it was safe to come out and world trade now that the english couldnt force opium on to them as a currency - something that wouldnt have peaked in 1860 if james had lived longer and victoria had really been on his side in commonwealth mapping

1c october1-7 BRACINN will be the first time these 2 networks explore all their connections in every way though ant finance purchase of bkash means the fin tech people have been exploring connectuons across china, s asia and parts of asean from april 2018

if you have something you might like to brainstorm either personally or by circulating something on october 1 send it to mostofa who in dhaka is both developing the detailed schedule oct 1 and 7 - and sending stuff to and from  ying lowrey ma's main diffusion channel (author of ali baba way, sme curriculum designer for tsinghua) into academia and non-tech communities

2a alibaba business school we hope in a few weeks to have clarified a network of chinese students preparing how things continuously go to and fro including which first 30 bangladesh tech wizards  ma personally mentors - something unctad has already selected for him in 5 countries including malaysia and indonesia- there's is no reason why fintech greatest exchange shouldnt become every big-data-small tech's greatest exchange between china and everywhere south of it including india and pakistan routes across gulf up  med through to med sea which takes us to it being a good thong that ma is a student of the 66 nations mapping belt road sdg investing with xi jinping... Tsinghua is both the main university of public servants and jack ma's main hub outside of hangzhou)

people who under estimate how many bracnhes of R&D and open edu, ma has already invested in do so at his peril

2b he has ploughed 15 billion dollars inoi intercity academy DAMO to humanise the 7 biggest tech areas up to 2025 and how ai interfaces with all of them - on the west coast yahoo founder yang scouts stanfird for jack ma and how to place chinese ai students there- one of his damo partners is the wef which has also opened an industrial rev 4 hub in san fran

2c jack ma also has huge investment mapping back japan olympics and japan g20 which should surprise nobody who knows that softbank is his original investor

2d if there is any human tech ma hasnt got a finger in to yet i am sure ying and her 50 most active international students would love to know; at the gateway go tsinghua university you have the worlds number 1 startup hub zone - which all smart cities in china are expected to connect ideas with; out of the same space jack chairs the club of the 30 biggest chinese businessmen who want their market to give back to youth livelihoods

he has invested 0.3% of ali baba revenues in green heritage locations around the wpold in prep for starting up a green experiential university

thanks chris