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Monday, October 1, 2018

will you be in usa over next 2 months? could we meet? while i dont understand day to day operations of UN i do know of 4 networks that guterres has completely rearranged and which will be issuing key reports and trying to turn into youth livelihood and massively collaborative young professional movements not just academic texts - action networking that must scale during the year 2018-2019 of María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés heading UNGA

In particular the new head of unhabitat Ms M M Sharif briefed us a report she has to do launching the 2020s as decade of everything green (wherever china hosts one of the new dev banking summits there are always huge green side-events and this all started with china g20 where jack ma was told to survey the country's 50 biggest ceos on which of them would commit not just half their wealth but their organisational power to green)- at the same time brookings in china which is located at its main teaching university tsinghua appointed the person who had previously led china's number 1 green thinktank

If you are not around but can suggest anyone from your country that may be able to share whats already in motion between un and its most extraordinary advocates like jack ma please tell me- if meeting in ny is possible if desirable i can ask someone to attend from http://www.imperativefund.com the main or only wall street fund geared to ending  poverty in latin america

i am  part of a group helping to arrange for the professor who's main responsibility it is to teach  beijings most passionate 5000 international students on jack ma's next projects, why big data small tech is sustainability's gamechanger and how to linkin village-diversity up global platforms to spend a week in bangladesh at my favorite (and the world's largest ) NGO BRAC

jack has said that he will from 2020 spend most time on green active and education-livelihoods platforms so there will never be better time to prep goal 11 agendas with the people in beijing who most want green investment and youth education transformed round girls and community-grounded networks

many of these windows of opportunity wont come again -somehow this un calendar's been rerranged - following the week in new york - you get the world bank annual meeting out of indonesia and the g20 out of argentina -but can we get at least one student year club per country linked in from the getgo- it hasnt happened the last 12 years friends and i journalised this process even when yunus and obama - clintons had every chance nor when jim kim and ;pope francis were added in -its got to come from south and east instead of waiting for america or europe g7 to lead anything sustainable

chris macrae  dc 240 316 8157

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