.i heard this tanzania example reported today but i have no means to verify
tanzania exports of cashews reached 600 mn $ one year but are looking nearer 300 in 2020- what are reasons for downs and ups; and is the mix 10% processed in tanzania; most of 90% processed in india optimal? what are your suggestions of most transparent source- is there an africa wide map that everyone agrees on - or does one have to try and collect data by nation and crop ....
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  • 2017- the year that education changed the economics of everyone why can't UN design modula sdg livelihoods curricula
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    Tuesday, July 31, 2018

    dear taddy and annie congrats on your new addition to the family

    mostofa is organising a week's event with the main professor jack ma of alibaba uses to scout students and understand whos redesigning community-centric value chains and collecting big data for such small local empowerment- jack ma has recently partnered brac (girls and the world largest ngo partnership) in bangladesh and we are helping organise the first week long academic visit from his researchers

    this is very urgent- if we dont start the conversation now it will get lost in 30 other things we are preparing for jack's academic team visit- the professor concerned is based in tsinghua which after 8 visits to china is in my view the number 1 university for anyone to partner as its chinas main public servants university - its not interested in making money out of students but making sure it connect china's future with its alumni and through all the worldwide youth exchanges they make

    when it comes to africa the head of unctad does some of the scouting- however mostofa is in a giod position
    to ask this professor whether jack ma already has anyone scouting south african entrepreneur graduates who want to be trained in being the next jack ma

     2 jack is spiritually influenced by damo while i dont know the relationships between maharishi and damo school i assume they are not far apart and annie's experience in china makes another reason why jack might trust partnering you assuning that is a win-win- one of jacks biggest deals with countries is to set up a branch of damo innstitute which he is investing 15 billion dollars as a r&D cebtre on AI etc for the poor

    one of the several projects jack is doing at un is advising guterrres on which un emients etc are spiritual - he needs this in cities he is sponsoring the olympics and other huge youth gatherings through- and this connects with the new choice to head unhabitat the former mayor of penang- out of kenya she is writing the definitive report on which cities and places have spiritual as well as green leaders at the top of governing

    south africa is urgent for china as it hosts brics summit early september and its time to see if s africa can break out post zuma

    in the event that s.africa is already a country the head of unctad chooses -then mark whose book changes wall street bankers to think spirit is currently well connected with these top un people as well as having done hugely significant financial projects in banglaldesh

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